Monday, November 3, 2008

Help Me the in-laws have taken over

Hello All ,
If there is anyone there, I don't even think the friend that got me here has read this yet even though this is her idea. lol
any way my new delima wow
I have my in-law who is staying (Living) with us and she is very sick !! Well I am doing all that one can do, I have given up my home to her (literally) we now reside in our basement while they (2 kids as well )who don't mind, clean up ,or respect anything not theirs, enjoy a nice ( once a neat , and clean ) 3 bedroom home. Our dogs have been locked down here with us as well as our cat , and all I here is how I don't make her feel welcome, so here is my question at what point do I get to take my home back because out side of handing her my bank codes I don't know what else to do.
We cant have company or do the things that we would normally enjoy in our home, yet she expects more, now I know that grace is supposed to help me though this but 3 months later I find my self with no sympathy, grace and all the good karma i had built up my whole life is even gone ...
so if any one has any advice for one desperate in-law and the situation of (I pray) of my life time Please I need all the info I can get
I hope to here any suggestions thank you all

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