Friday, December 18, 2009

  1. I think I will go forward all the signs point that way even when i try to keep what i have and make it work, others seem to keep pushing me to go forward on my own path. I will be looking at subleases tomorrow, would be nice to have a home again , a place to relax so that is my sign this week.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rainy Days

Have you ever felt trapped in your own life ? How can one person make so many happy all the time ?

if your supposed to make yourself happy first , why then are you told you are selfish for doing it?

it seems the more I try to make myself happy I am pulled in different mental directions.

another saying is how you are supposed live each day like it is your last

well i don't want to do anything normal on my last day thats for sure

Id like to travel and see the sun rise from a different view

road sings

i geuss it depend on what u want as to witch ones u fallow

but how do u know what u realy want ?? if you dont try one direction or another

i cant decide on a path so i stand at a four way stop and stare at my choices

the sleep has cleared my mind (somewhat) *;*

still i wonder

do i stay where i am safe but not satisfied do i go with no love

do i turn towards adventure or towards obscurity

four directions but witch one

so on my lil journey standing at my road signs i have found a comfort zone

i can always turn back... right ???

but if i do turn back will it be the same or will i return to find that i have been left behind?

and if it is the same isnt that what im trying new roads for ??

decisions decisions decisions

sleep how i wish i could

Another day with lots of things and not one of them held my attention for more then a few hours on

at what point do we actually notice the environment we live in ( and im not talking going green )

our soundings the path we take every day just to go to a place we have been 100 times before (work,store.. etc)

yet do we notice the path less traveled to that place, take a different rout , change the direction in with we live??

again the signs are right there but i don't think to read them or acknowledge that they exist

back to road signs

Coat Hangers

ever notice that kitchen knives are like wire coat hangers?