Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From a Friend

I have a very close Friend who keeps at me to blog with her... unfortunately I have given in after many hours (she'll say months) of constant blog blog blog , and I had given just about every excuse i could think of right down to the fact that i am dyslexic (true) and can not spell ... my friend (you know who you are ) never gave up . Well just last night we got together I having a very bad day and her facing her own world problems, had a lil vent party last night.
Well needless to say.. i guess we know who one. She told me that it is great release and that it is great to know that people did actual read your thoughts ( witch she assures me i have good one's) and respond to them in constructive way's ( not sure about that part *;* )
So here I go , starting my blog existence .. so to all who read thnx it is nice to know that I am not alone , and please for give my gram err and spelling ( I do try ) and I look forward to starting my new blog life with one of my very dearest friends , and hope to make more from being here.. So about me hmmmm ,

My name i Rikki ( i know I'm not supposed to give out that info but i am never fake or in hiding , and I like my name *;* ) I'm 38 Native American and try to be happy for all in the world.
I have 3 boys of my own ( lost count of how many I actual fed shelter and got though school )
my 3 are all raised and off in the world ( thank you greater spritit) 2 in school and my middle one just oh heck I don't know what he is thinking *;* he is my rebel and the most exciting ( keeps me on my toe's lol )
I try to have humor in all things and situation but have a breaking point as well .
I'm told that my laugh is unique and have been picked out of crowds by it ( I think there trying to say its annoying in a nice way thnx all *;* )
I have a home base business Ranakki Bags ( hence the screen name wink wink ) I custom design and create leather hand bags
I am a Widow now 8 1/2 yrs ( still miss him to this day )
and have had many life happing witch we all have had so nothing special about that except i do it with flair ( I hope ) I had a long time friend pass just recently and at his fun-eral ( it was a true wake ) it was read ...." Life is t to arrive at the grave rested and ready , but to be skidded into it sideways thinking holly cow what a ride !!" that pretty much sed it all to me anyway I hope that it is the way I am

Well I think that's it about me have just made my blog debut lol and Friend....( you know who you are ) thank you for leading me here... and to everyone else that may read this I hope never to offend or tic you off just to releese some thoughts some good some bad some happy and some sad.....and thank you all for reading me....

Be safe
Play fair
and Love much
this is my motto *;* Rikki

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